Terms and Conditions

1. Intellectual Property Rights

All software, databases, texts, photos, films, images, data, names, trade names, domain names, brands, designs, models, logos and other information on the Website (‘Information’) are protected by intellectual rights belonging to Foundation Frison Horta or third parties. The Information may not be reproduced (except for temporary reproduction of a transitory or incidental nature with a view to lawful use with no independent economic value), amended, published, distributed or sent out, sold, made available or otherwise transferred, nor may any rights to the Information be granted to third parties, without the prior written consent of Foundation Frison Horta.Foundation Frison can not be held responsible if at any given point somebody’s data is virtually stolen.

Visitors are not allowed to take photographs and videos inside the Foundation premise and post them on social media. Touching of exhibition articles is strictly prohibited at Foundation Frison. In the time of events or renting the the foundation, the renter will take full responsibility of any damages.

2. Cancellation Rights

After payment, there are no cancellation rights. We do not permit any cancellation by the Client after payment for seats or admission tickets.

3. Postage

If the reservation and payment are made 15 or more working days before the performance, tickets are sent by post. Otherwise, they must be collected before the concert.

4. Collecting Tickets

Tickets for events taking place at Foundation Frison that have already been reserved and paid for can be collected from the Foundation office.

5. Reservation Expiry

Any order that has not been paid within 30 working days will be cancelled.

6. Modifications to and/or Cancellations in the Programme

For reasons beyond our control, modifications to the programme, performers, venue or time may occur. These changes will be announced on our website. In the event of a cancellation or change of date and/or venue, we will inform you by email where possible. There will be no reimbursement or exchange resulting from these changes.

Foundation Frison cannot be held responsible:

– In the event of a show being cancelled or postponed.
– For the content of a performance.
– For changes to the performers.
– For any change to the programme.
– For changes to the times of a performance.
– For changes to seat allocation following a change to seating arrangements in the venue according to article

7. The Recipient of the Ticket

The recipient of the ticket must adhere to the rules and conventions of the venue, regardless of the type of performance/exhibition or other type of event. Foundation Frison reserves the right to refuse access to the Foundation Frison Horta for security reasons. We reserve the right to cancel any performance or deny access to venues if unforeseeable circumstances or force majeure compels us to do so, such as (this list is not exhaustive) storms, strikes, fires, water damage, illness of a performer, special measures imposed by the public authorities as part of efforts to fight terrorism, etc. In such circumstances, we will arrange a different date where possible.

8. Opening of Doors

The doors to the Foundation/ event hall will open 30 minutes before the start of the performance. The audience must take their seats before the specified time. If you arrive after this, you will not usually be allowed to Enter the Salon. However, Foundation Frison may decide to allow late arrivals to enter during applause or the interval. Your seat reservation will no longer be valid. As such, if your seats are occupied by other audience members, we will not be able to make them available to you, in order to avoid disturbing the performance. The reservation will also be cancelled if you leave the hall during the performance.

9. Client Obligations

The Client gives his express agreement to provide his exact, current and complete contact details when ordering tickets. It is essential that this information is accurate so that Foundation Frison can inform the Client in the event of a change of programme/venue. Foundation Frison reserves the right, when there are reasonable grounds to believe that the information provided is inaccurate, incomplete or out of date, to decline or cancel the requested transaction. This information may be retained in order to ensure that Foundation Frison’s service operates smoothly. The provision of any false information will be subject to legal action. All forms of audio and video recording, including taking photographs, are forbidden.

10. Your Contact Details

Your contact details allow us to keep you informed about our activities and contact you if there are any changes to the schedule. For our print publications, please inform us of changes to your address or if you no longer wish to receive them by sending an email to contact@foundation-frison-horta.be. For our e-publications, please visit the relevant page if you wish to modify your data or no longer wish to receive our newsletters.

11. To prevent abuse

To prevent abuse, any loss or other ticket-related issues must be reported to us at contact@foundation-frison-horta.be at least two days before the event. In addition to paper tickets, e-tickets printed or presented on a smartphone are accepted at the entrance to Foundation.
If you have not received your tickets or have lost them, we can send you duplicates. If a ticket is reprinted, only the most recent version of the ticket will be recognised by Foundation Frison.
In any case, Foundation Frison may refuse the request for removal if the request is necessary for the exercise or defence of legal rights or for the fulfilment of a statutory or contractual obligation of Foundation Frison.

I agree with all the Terms and Conditions.




















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