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Policy related to Cookies

When first connected to the Foundation Frison website, the visitor is warned that information relating to navigation may be stored in files called “cookies”.

A cookie is a piece of invisible information saved by a website within the Internet browser of the computer. This “cookie” can be retrieved during a later visit to this same website. The “cookie” cannot be read by another website than the one that created it. Most “cookies” only work during a session or visit. None of this information is the subject of a communication to third parties except where Foundation Frison has first obtained the consent of the visitor or when the disclosure of such information is required by law, by order of a court or any administrative or judicial authority able to acknowledge it.

This use is made by Foundation Frison to facilitate navigation on the Foundation Frison website.

Some cookies are exempt from the prior collection of the visitor’s consent to the extent that they are strictly necessary for the operation of the website or have the sole purpose of enabling or facilitating communication by electronic means. These include session ID cookies, authentication cookies as well as interface customisation cookies. These cookies are fully subject to the present policy to the extent that they are issued and managed by Foundation Frison.

Other cookies, issued by third parties, are described as “persistent”. These remain in the visitor’s terminal until erased or expired.

Since such cookies are issued by third parties, their use and deposit are subject to their own privacy policies, the links of which are set out hereunder. This cookie family includes audience measurement cookies, advertising cookies (which Foundation Frison does not use) and social network sharing cookies (including Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, You Tube and Google+).

Audience measurement cookies provide statistics on the attendance and use of various elements of the website (such as content/pages visited). These data contribute to improving the ergonomics of the Foundation Frison website.

Social network sharing cookies are issued and managed by the publisher of the social network concerned. Subject to the visitor’s consent, these cookies make it easy to share some of the content published on the Foundation Frison website, in particular via a sharing application “button” depending on the social network concerned.

Most Internet browsers are configured by default so that cookies are allowed to be posted. The browser used by the visitor enables to modify the standard parameters in such a way that all the cookies are systematically rejected or that only a part of the cookies is accepted or refused according to their issuer.

The fact of refusing the deposit of cookies is however likely to alter the visitor’s experience as well as his/her access to certain services or features of the website.

If applicable, Foundation Frison declines any responsibility regarding the consequences linked to the degradation of navigation conditions that occur due to the refusal, deletion or blocking of cookies necessary for the proper functioning of the website. These consequences cannot constitute a damage and no compensation can be required by this fact.

Each Internet browser has its own cookie management settings. To learn how to change the preferences about cookies, the following links help the visitor in this area.



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